Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Web - The Michelin man

Discover the World of Michelin!
Given the fact that tires are not necessarily an easy product to feature in an interesting way, the website is worth a visit from an interactive marketing and design perspective.
The content is rich, and the layout encourages in-depth exploration.

And of course, the Bibendum is just the cutest thing ever (note the building shape).


Monday, March 26, 2007

Web - Adobe creative suite 2.3

"Step inside the creative mind":
A really enchanting site for Adobe's new Creative Suite.


Random - Sushi tie

It's pretty self-explanatory...
Designed specially for Ezzat and Boud's weekly escapes at Yo Sushi DIC.

Available for 34$ on http://www.uncommongoods.com

Musik - Mika {Grace Kelly}

The song that kind of makes me smile and feel better even though I'm at home sneezing and coughing (Sara as well), and that today is Maha's last day at work.

* Ezz, you should try it, it helps psychologically when you're stuck in a random airport. Seriously.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Web - Def Mini records

Mini associates itself a lot to lifestyle, art, innovation and music.
A few weeks back, the Hammer & Coop idea (a sort of parody on Knight Rider meeting Starsky & Hutch) was taking over the web.

Today, check out Def Mini records (from Germany), a virtual (fake) record label launched by the agencies Interone Worldwide and .start.

The site features a series of "emerging" bands who simply sing to celebrate the new Mini; It's reliable, safe, & fun to drive.


Buzz - AI launches a mobile phone service

Cellular news reports that Amnesty International USA has launched its own branded cell-phone service, Amnesty Wireless, that makes every call a call for human rights.

"Any time subscribers make a phone call, 10% of their charges will automatically go to Amnesty International, without costing them anything extra. And Amnesty Wireless members who want to do even more can find in each month's bill Citizen Action alerts, informing them of urgent human-rights issues that need their support."


Web - Nokia L'amour collection, the Polish way

It's always interesting to see how global concepts/guidelines set by brands' headquarters are then adapted on local markets.

This site is developed for the Nokia L'amour collection, in Poland.
Luxury & art meet technology, with of course a twist of user generated content and a contest:
browse, submit and share emotions online.
Just for info, Nokia fans see a world full of love, as this is the most submitted emotion...


Web - The Wall Street journey

The Wall Street Journal is online with a very nice campaign to drive subscriptions. Their concept, "Life is a journey", pictures the life of celebrities.

The tagline: "Every journey needs a Journal".
The site is simple and clean as you expect a WSJ campaign to be, but photography, illustration and typefaces are perfectly combined to support the storytelling.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Samsung - Illustrated SMS

According to pdafrance, Samsung has just filed a patent for an illustrated SMS interface. Each contact in a phone can be associated with an image and text messages would appear like a comic strip.

Social networking, web 2.0, wikis & my blog

So, I decided to go all the way in playing the web 2.0 game. I have to experiment it fully, because I think it's the next big thing in the 1-2-1 world.

Most platforms are good, so it's just a matter of going through them one by one in order to reach a conclusion. It's time consuming.
Ezzat (my husband) thinks I'm an anti-social geek but it's ok, I'm on a mission, and I'll invite him for dinner tonight on Second Life.

I will be posting news & thoughts on a little bit of everything - New media, web, mobile, experience planning, music, books and of course, my personal non-sense.