Sunday, December 30, 2007

Google - Holiday season

Here are a couple of Google-holiday logos.
Waiting to see what they'll come up with for NY.

Random - Xmas gift

Santa Ezzat spoilt me big time and got me the greatest gift ever for Xmas: A Nikon D40X - The camera of my dreams, with a ton of cool accessories that go with it.

Expect lots of pictures to be uploaded soon on Flickr :)

Thoughts - My dream came true

I am very lucky.
The highlight of my trip is that I had the chance to meet in person Jimmy Wales, my "internet hero" - and this is priceless.

There are not enough words that can describe the admiration and respect I have for him.

What is even more important than founding Wikipedia, is the work and thinking that goes behind it. The bigger picture. The fact that he and his team fight to keep the cultures, languages and knowledge alive and accessible to everybody. The Wikipedia Academies - It would take me months to list the great things that he does for humanity (with a simplicity that I can't even begin to describe).

This is by far the most noble cause of all.

Please take a minute to make a donation to the Wikimedia foundation to keep this amazing project running.

He is also the founder of Wikia and there is no doubt about the fact that he will soon be taking over the world "one click at a time" ;) - stay tuned for January the 7th...


Thoughts - Did you miss me?

It's been a while, I know..
I've -literally- been all over the place for the past month - and I've been lazy.

I did have a lot of things to share and blog about, but I was too overwhelmed by "the moment", for some reason :)

In a nutshell:
Vegas - San Fransisco for 10 days:
I attended BlogWorld, which was extremely interesting (and I finally met @mmcallen, the coolest Twitter buddy). We also went on a Silicon Valley "tour" on the week-end: Apple, Googleplex, Twitter, Facebook, HP and of course (my favorite of all), Wikia (I do have loads of pictures to share, but didn't have the time to upload them yet).

We took off after that to Europe: Barcelona, Paris, Brussels and London. Another great break in the cities I love (you can have a look at a couple of Barcelona pictures here).

I am now in Lebanon for the holidays, and will be back in Dubai on the 2nd of January - I will then be sharing again all my findings :)

Merry xmas and Happy New Year everyone!