Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Web 2.0 - Weeworld

Yet another social networking meets avatars site :)
Is there an end to all of this?

"WeeWorld is a social network built for fun where you can meet and interact with WeeMees, invite friends, send messages, play games and create your own online cartoon page. What's a WeeMee? It's a cartoon that looks just like you."

I registered, and created my WeeMee (cute,no?), but haven't had the chance to dig deep enough into it.. I'm not sure about the UI, but it's too early to judge ;) - Will let you know if anything comes up.

You can always create your avatar and use it to personalize your IM or Skype :) - It's a fun 10 minutes to waste.

Get your own WeeMee here.

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Dr. Joey said...

Oh my, you have one great, odd, blog. I wish I could have been the lucky #400... anyway, greetings from San Francisco and if you're bored and curious...