Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thoughts - My iPod feature

That's it, I'm revolting against my incapacity of bringing my ideas to life, and failing to reach the right people hahaha :)

So here's another one of my random thoughts/ideas, that will never see the light.
I'm pretty sure that someone already thought of it, but not in my micro-circle, so I'm claiming ownership for it and sharing it with the world (maybe not the world, but my readers at least).

A feature I would like to see added on iPods/iTunes is "lyrics".
Yes, you heard me, lyrics.

I would like to have the option to instantly download the lyrics of any song on my ipod, through iTunes: It shouldn't be that complicated to tie-up with a content provider such as or any other site that list quality lyrics.

I should also have the option to activate the lyrics reader, and see the lyrics scrolling on my screen instead (or under) the "time" bar (or whatever the scroller that shows how many minutes are left before the song ends is called).

I'm sure this little addition will make a lot of people happy (Ezzat is one of them).

What do you say? Is anyone connected with some big shot at Apple? - I even designed the interface for fun, but am not posting it.

Let's see the power of web 2.0/social networking in action.

PS: You can extend the proposition to the Asian markets and turn your iPod into a mini Karaoke machine (they're big in Japan): hook it to your TV screen, and you're up for a wild night. Imagine having a limited edition of white Apple microphones designed...

OK...Enough... I know what you're thinking. :)

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ThomasHan said...

I was just thinking it myself when I read this... Karaoke!!!

I just wrote an email to Jobs, let's see what he says... ha.. no, j/k :-)

Yeah, but I agree, sounds like a good idea.