Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thoughts - So... what do planners do exactly??!

Today is my third official day at Lowe, as a Channel Planner, my dream job (well, for the time being at least, until I hit silicon valley for some hardcore web stuff - which might actually never happen, and will definitely be a huge loss for Google, Wikipedia ;) and the rest).

For anyone getting into the advertising business today, the new buzzword is "Channel Planning".

And I am one of the very few lucky people in the region who were chosen to be trusted with the title on their business cards. Yeeey!

So let's get it out of the way... What is channel planning?
I don't have a proper definition, but I'll give it a shot anyway: it's about deciding what are the best relevant channels of communication that should be used to support a traditional advertising campaign, and coming up with fun ideas (online, one-to-one, mobile, new media etc..).

So it's about browsing, reading, keeping up with the trends, tickling my brain beyond its potential and engaging consumers with the brands, in a different way.


I promise I'll post a real description when I have one, but this should do in the meantime.

It just hit me.. Does that mean I'll have to start posting "planning" news as well??

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