Sunday, July 8, 2007

Google - 411 now has maps

Do you remember the 411 business (and the mega depression I went through because of my Voogle lost cause?? - No?! No hard feelings, I wouldn't expect anyone to remember anyway - haha)... Well, it's back.

Memory booster:
"Google 411 is a free telephone service that lets you search for businesses by voice and get connected to those businesses for free."

Google announced on their blog that the service now offers a new feature: "Just say ‘map it’, and you’ll get a text message with the details of your search plus a link to a map of your results right on your mobile phone.”

I find it quite brilliant.
I just wish they would give me a call so I could tell them how to push things further.
I still don't understand why the mobile services are not linked to the web services.

I would like to have the same info sent to my Google account as well (if I have an account then my phone number is listed in my profile and the system recognizes it), just so I can store it and organize it for future reference. People have a tendency to delete sms messags in their inboxes after a while.

Hmm... Whatever. I know.

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