Monday, July 2, 2007

Thoughts - Did you think this blog was shutting down?

If you did, well you were wrong.
I was on a blogging sabbatical.

June was quite an intense month.
Saying goodbye to the Arc/Leo Burnett family was hard, but friendship is friendship, regardless of the geography.

I discovered for about two weeks and a half the joy of doing nothing.
Doing nothing: a concept I had completely forgotten about.

I wasn't really doing nothing... (I was doing what "normal ppl" do):
Going to the pool, baking cakes, buying shelves from Ikea, reading litterature books as opposed to technical/business ones.

My brain didn't completely shut down; I was keeping up with the trends online, I just wasn't posting them.

Lazy Geek...

P.S: I would like to thank all the visitors who kept my Labbit pet entertained while I was - virtually - away.

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