Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thoughts - Coffee with myself (© DiablogCafe)

I am not done yet talking/writing.

I need to get a couple of other questions out of the way, so I am interviewing myself:

Q: "So, how come you decided to shift to the other side???!!"

A: I've always been a geeky art director, passionate by the architecture of sites, and the techniques used to build them. I got to a point where I stopped perfecting my design skills.
A point where I was so good at what I was doing, I would always design "the safe way".
And I never wanted to learn flash.

I am not creative director material, because I lost the passion for design. Not design in general (I will never loose that and I spend hours looking at everybody else's work!), but MY designs.

In parallel, I never stopped being curious. About everything: the trends, the technology, the analysis, the metrics, the new stuff.

So I decided that it was time for me to follow my dream, change careers, and have some young talented person replace me as an art director.

Q: "Don't you think you'll regret it??!!"

A: NO. Not at all. And the beauty of it, is that I know I'll have great power point presentations as a planner, because I'll have pixel perfect slides, with really cool looking graphs and colors :)

The only thing I will miss is cracking the content and architecture of never ending complex portals. But we never know, I might do it again soon.

Q: Will you be up to it?

A: I took the challenge, and will fight hard, learn/teach as much as I can, give it all I have to be the best, no matter what and make a difference.

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