Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Web 2.0 - Twitter user interface

Twitter has amended its interface a couple of weeks back.

The search is finally functional, but there are still a couple of UI issues (simple but essential in my eyes) that haven't been sorted out (related to the "direct messages" functionality specifically).

I find it weird that in both the Sent messages and Inbox sections, there is no option to select all the messages (or select a few) to delete them at once. You have to do it one by one (by clicking on the bin icon, which prompts the same message every time, double checking that you really want to delete the message) - It becomes very annoying if you have more than 10 messages to delete.

A "select all" button, and individual tick boxes for the selection of multiple messages would make the process much easier and faster.

What surprises me also is that the "direct messages" link (and the number) doesn't turn bold if there is a new message in the user's inbox to attract his attention. You do get an email notification, but what if the user didn't check his email and didn't keep track of the number of messages he initially had in his inbox?!

These are basic details that might not seem important compared to all the back-end work, but I am a strong believer in the fact that good/intuitive user interface is necessary for a perfect experience :) - Fellow Twitterers, what do you think?

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falsomagro said...

I completely agree with you about missing features in Twitter! bye bye

kawaiinot said...

Twitter looks cool but unfortunatly i can't access it because it's blocked in UAE :(*