Monday, October 1, 2007

Web 2.0 - Boycott

Noso was the highlight of my day :) - Literally.

As described on the site:
" NOSO is a real-world platform for temporary disengagement from social networking environments. The NOSO experience offers a unique opportunity to create NO Connections by scheduling NO Events with other NO Friends.

These “NO” events, called NOSOs, take place in designated cafes, parks, libraries, bookstores, and other public spaces. Participants whose identities remain unknown to one another agree to arrive at an assigned time and remain alone, quiet and un-connected, while at the same time knowing that another “Friend” is present in the space."

It totally cracked me up, I love the idea - and made we wonder if I should file this entry under the web 2.0 or the web tag, since it's kind of a social networking boycott statement ;)

Join the Noso Project here.

Great find by Chris Saad, trough Twitter.

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