Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Twitter - 101

I've noticed on the blog's stats that a lot of visitors (mainly the ones logging on from Lebanon) end up clicking on the "Follow me on Twitter" link - But I have yet to see any of the Lebanese fellows register and use the service on a regular basis (as opposed to the UAE, the site is not banned there).

I did a quick country/city search on Twitter to have a better grasp of the situation - The results are kind of disastrous: Lebanon= 41 users, Beirut= 15 users (most of them haven't updated their tweets in months).

Having said that, I felt it was a good opportunity to introduce/give more details about one of my favorite sites:

1- A very comprehensive/cool video explaining Twitter "in plain English" (which was pointed out by the Scoble man himself)

2- A couple of very useful tutorials, posted by @Thomas on his blog:
. Twitter 101
. Twitter tips and tricks

Hopefully, this will be inspiring enough :)


ThomasHan said...

hey Stephanie,

That video by Common Craft was great, huh! Love it!

Hey, btw, I'm back on SL again. I joined back in 2006, but never played much with it. Still trying to figure out what I'm suppose to do in it.

How do I find you in SL next time I log in?

Stephanie TS. said...

Hi Thomas,

I totally agree, the video is very well done :)

I'll take you around SL anytime! Let me know when in-world ;)

ThomasHan said...

Thanks! Got your dm on Twitter. Next time, I'm logged in SL, I'll add you and tag along so you can show me how this SL thing works