Thursday, March 6, 2008

Information design - 6pli

6pli viluazises your tags and bookmarks in very funky/attractive diagrams.

There are three ways of viewing the data:

1- Elastic net 3D
It shows tags and bookmarks in a 3-dimensional view. Tags are in rectangles and bookmarks are circles. A list of bookmarks show up on the right when you click on a tag.

2- Elastic net 2D
It is the same principle as the 3-D; the difference is that it is a projection of the 3-D view onto a flat plane.

3- Circle 2D
It arranges tags and bookmarks into their bundles. Each circle is divided homogeneously and the radius of the circle can me manually modified.

The site is still in demo version. You can send an email request to set-up an account or browse through the list of registered users to have a closer look.

Check it out here.

Via Flowing Data.

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Cameron said...

This is very interesting and I wonder what other applications it can be used for. For example to categorize/link bibliographic keywords. The company has not gone operational since you posted it ~1.5 yrs ago. Have you come across any other similar sites? Twitter @ CameronC_Wilson