Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Web - Tamagocchi style

I got myself a Chocopet - A rabbit that I called Labbit.

It is a virtual environment which houses two pets, mine and its randomly changing playmate, food and a ball for them to play with.

Scroll down and check him out. Take a few seconds to entertain him.
The more visits he gets, the more points I collect (and then I'll be able to get him more toys and change his environment).

You can get one for your blog/site/forum here

(Kamal - The Great, the links are now working. The reason why I didn't do it earlier, is because I couldn't bother going through the HTML code to fix it, so that the site opens in another window. After 8 years in the web business, I couldn't figure out where to insert the tag. THANK YOU MO)

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