Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thoughts - Confucius

I've been doing some major philosophical thinking lately.

Is a blogger that doesn't blog everyday a bad blogger?
Why is a high number of visits on a blog a good thing?
Is it that important that people read what I have to say or tag my site?
Does that make me an interesting person?

I'm confused.

Insights, anyone?


Nic said...

i dunno.

Stephanie T. said...

What do you mean, you "dunno"?!
I was counting on you to come up with a long answer that makes sense :/

try again.

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on what your intention is behind your blog. There are some great blogs out there that are updated regularly because the blogger wants them to become a reference. And for that to work it should be updated regularly. For a tree to have fallen someone would have had to hear it.

Your blog has some interesting posts, but it seems to be more of an online diary. Some things are just purely random thoughts you're having, others are things you seem to pick up because they amuse or interest you and you want somewhere to keep them. In this case a tree falls even if no one is there to hear it.

How about this for a thought:

People have always projected different aspects of their personalities in different environments. It's normal. Someone is different at work than at home than with friends than with a spouse or kids or at a conference or a concert - you get the drift I'm sure.

However, since each personality facet is usually defined by a different environment, there was traditionally a limit to how many different sides of us we exposed or allowed ourselves to explore.

With the explosion of the internet, it has all changed. Now, within a few minutes, a person can go from one e-environment to the next, changing personalities as they go along. And with virtual worlds we can actually test different personalities to see what suits us most. For example, a shy introvert can go to a virtual community, pick clothing they would never wear in the physical world, and have virtual sex with a variety of people and even genders. This person can safely test different behaviors or personalities before deciding if they want to adopt them in a real world environment. Or maybe they choose not to adopt them in the real world and limit them to the eworld.

Imagine how many single personalities a person can go through or how many different facets of their own personality they can explore thanks to the explosion of the online community phenomenon.

One step further, the eworld contains environments that would never exist in the real world. It would simply not be scientifically possible. Does that mean that new personalities will develop as a result of these new environments?

Regardless of whether you respond to me or not, in my case, a tree has fallen, or should i say a seed was planted; more so in my thoughts than your own.