Sunday, February 24, 2008

Twitter - Twittermeter

"Twitter meter let's you query an index of all the words that have been sent to Twitter's public timeline (since 11/6/2007) and plot the number of times that word was used over time".

You can search for one word, or many at once.
Each day is represented on the graph by a dot which displays the date and the number of times the word(s) you searched for was mentioned.

I find it to be a very interesting tool that can be used to compare brands/products/topics' popularity on Twitter (for example, Wikia VS Mahalo or Nike VS Adidas).

I wish there were an option to export the results as a high-res Jpeg or an excel sheet, for research/documentation purposes. Hopefully this feature will be available someday - Mr developer, can you please add it to your todo list? :)

Have a look at Twittermeter here.

Via @DrBaher


Peter said...

salam aleikum Steph

if you want, top words on twitter you could also follow < twitgeistr >

heres the last Inputs ;

"twitgeistr Top 10 words right now: ajax, nac, ernie, nacajax, tegen, morning, man, straks, send, suarez. See 23 minutes ago "

Stephanie TS. said...

Hi Peter :)
Thank you for your message.

I did come across Twitgeistr many times and like to check it out - it's always interesting to know what's going on.

But the main difference I think is the fact that on Twittermeter you can actually compare two (or more) words and assess their impact over a certain period of time.